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We don't believe in food waste.

Foodsource USA helps businesses facilitate large donations of surplus foods and resources that would otherwise go to waste to those in need.

It's our mission to change that. We serve as a reliable partner for food distributors, a resource for people in need, and an advocate for reducing waste across the nation. 

1 in 8 Americans experience food insecurity.

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We arrange the logistics, picking up truckloads of donations, and getting them to our partner hubs, all at no cost.

Donations are distributed to families in need, daily and in times of disasters, again at no cost to our partners or recipients.

A distributor contacts us to schedule pickups of donated surplus food or other resources.

Since 2013, we've helped businesses donate over 28 million pounds of food and resources.


EPA Food Recovery

30-40% of food is wasted in this country. We, like our friends at the Environmental Protection Agency, are committed to reducing waste.

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Memnosyne Institute

Our philosophies parallel those of Memnosyne Institute, our parent organization. As the hunger initiative program, our one goal is to feed the hungry.

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"Our company is really big into the community so we donate as much as we can. We’ve tried working with food pantries and food banks in the past, but then they don’t show up to pick up the pallets…with FoodSource... they are always there when we call - we know exactly where our product is at all times and that’s its going to go help people."


Warehouse Manager at Barcel USA

Trusted by both local and global companies

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See how you can help



Are you a food distributor, non-profit or a trucker? See how you can directly help feed hundreds of families every month.



Access to better food can increase graduation rates, improve health, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



Donations cover the transportation costs to deliver entire semi-trucks of

food to people in need.

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