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Our Vision


since 2013,

FoodSource USA has given away over millions of pounds of food, and we are only getting started. By saying "yes" to food donors and relentlessly working with our distribution partners, we have been able to reach over 140 smaller non-profit organizations.

Donors work with us because we're reliable, and we never charge any fees or administration costs. However, in order to meet the growing needs of our organization and our partners, we need a place that will better accommodate all the demand.

We hope to one day operate our own facility and serve the community by:

Being a place where people can learn about the importance of food and learn how to cook healthier recipes.

Being a place where families can get their groceries with dignity.

Being a place that will reassure future food donors that working with us will be the easiest decision they can make to help their community.

Being a place where our partners can reach more people in need.

See how you can help



Are you a food distributor, non-profit or a trucker? See how you can directly help feed hundreds of families every month.



Handling large shipments means we need a lot of hands on deck. See how you and your school, church group or team can help.



A $300 donation will cover the transportation costs to deliver an entire semi-truck of

food to people in need.

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