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About Us


FoodSource USA facilitates donations of large volumes of food that would otherwise go to waste to those in need. Our mission is to reduce waste by distributing these resources to families in need.

FoodSource USA began with it’s initial premise of filling the gaps between donors who want to give and families who desperately need food. 

We discovered many pantries and food banks lack the time and resources to search for more resources. They also lack the sufficient transportation and storage capacity to handle large truck loads of donations and are forced to accept a limited amount of supplies. The rest is unfortunately trashed. 

Since 2013, we have acted as the hub to coordinate with multiple community organizations when donors have large-scale donations that individual community organizations cannot pick up alone. These donations can include dozens of semi-trucks worth of goods totaling over half a million pound. Thanks to our great partnerships, we've been able to serve as a main hub for all donors and coordinate logistics so that pantries, hubs, and families can get the resources they need.

Everything we do is based around our mission of reducing waste and fighting food insecurity in communities throughout the United States and beyond.

Never did my calls go unanswered; never did I have to sit by my product. Todd always found someone to come pick up our donations. He has this instilled into him that this is his job - to me, I feel like it's his calling to help others.


HR and General Manager of OM Produce

Meet The Team


Reverend Todd Collier

Co-Founder/Director of FoodSource

Using his 25+ years of non-profit experience, Reverend Todd started the initiative that became FSUSA. He is determined to end hunger and waste. Learn more about Todd here.

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Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

Co-Founder/President of Memnosyne Institute

A frequently requested international speaker, mediator, philanthropist and award-winning sculptor, Mary Ann brings immeasurable value to our parent organization, Memnosyne. Learn more about Mary Ann here.


Karen Belknap

Partner - CEO of Inspired Vision Community Church

Reverend Karen Belknap and her team collects and distributes resources from food to prom dresses to alleviate those living in poverty. They serve almost 4,000 families a week. Learn more about IVCC here.


Michael Garret

Partner - CEO of Trusted World

Michael brings his 30+ years of experience in lean manufacturing and process control. His specialities in Six Sigma, S.P.C, and T.Q.M helps effectively manage both global and local relief efforts. Learn more here.


Jackie Anderson

Admin Support

After helping start two successful food recovery programs in Texas, Jackie brings this experience, her administrative strengths and passion for food recovery to help things at FoodSource USA run smoothly.


Isabell Rossignol

Public Relations

Anything that might need PR and Isabell is already on it. As a Dallas native, she believes in the power of community and never stops pushing to promote more sustainable practices and lifestyles in our city.


Want to join the team?

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