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How You Can Help


Our goal is simple: help businesses donate to those in need. With an extensive network of food pantries, non-profits, and ministries within our reach, we are always in need of more people to work with us.


Truckers and Drivers

Our community of drivers collectively deliver thousands of pounds of food each week.

Many truckers volunteer their services and some work for minimal fees - both of which are necessary to move food in a timely manner. Our network gives us the capacity and the bandwidth to receive and distribute large loads of both perishable and non-perishable foods. If you would like to join our cause or if you have a shipment that needs to be discarded give us a call today.


Food Distributors

Working with us is just about the easiest way you can help impact and help hungry families around your community.


Whether it’s fresh produce, refrigerated, or nonperishable food, we can pickup single pallets to dozens of semi-loads. And for every donation you make to us, you get a tax deduction. The best part about it - our services are completely free. We pride ourselves in our reliability so that you can have peace of mind that your donations will be taken out of your hands directly to feed hungry children and families in our cities.

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Nonprofit Partner

We collectively help over 140 pantries, non-profits, and food banks in our distribution network.

With so many people who are in need, trying to serve the community and find the time to locate resources is almost impossible. FoodSourceDFW is dedicated to locating these resources so other organizations can focus on the people they serve. We don't charge any fees to become a partner. If you would like to offer your space as a distribution point or learn how you can get involved, read more here or contact us today.

Trusted by both local and global companies

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"Never did my calls go unanswered; never did I have to sit by my product. Todd always found someone to come pick up our donations. He has this instilled into him that this is his job - to me, I feel like it's his calling to help others."


HR and General Manager of OM Produce


Volunteer With Us


We're grateful to have such passionate volunteers in our community who help make our work possible. Whether it's by providing transportation, fundraising, photography services, or unpacking pallets of donations, connect with us to see how you can help be a part of the movement.

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